About Us

Emgeebee Industrial Advisory and Monitoring Services Private Ltd (EIAMS) was started in the year 1982. It was promoted by Mr.M.G.Balasubramanian, who was known as MGB. He qualified in the first batch of Indian Administrative Service in the year 1948. He held positions in the Madras State and in the Central Governments.

In the Centre, he joined the Banking Department in the Ministry of Finance in 1969, after the first nationalisation of Banks. He was on the Board of various Banks and Financial Institutions during his tenure.

After retirement in March 1980, he decided to start a consultancy company to offer entrepreneurs a sounding board for technical and financial matters. His rich and first hand experience as Board member of several Banks and Institutions led him to realise the need for such an endeavour. So EIAMS was started in July, 1982. He felt that the term "Consultant" need not appear in the name of the company and chose to call it "Advisory Services". Mr. M.G.Balasubramanian became the first Chairman for life.

Initially EIAMS approached individual Bank for empanelment. Later in 1983, EIAMS was empanelled by IDBI (Development Institution).

Over the years, EIAMS did various assignments for Banks, Financial Institutions and business entities.

By 1992, ISO 9000 series became popular. Indian Organisations began seeking the Certification on account of Government initiatives. Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Railways, to name a few, were in the forefront demanding Certification for the Organisations under them. The Confederation of Indian Industry - CII- a non-government, not-for-profit, industry led and industry managed organization, also took the lead in telling its members to go for exports to widen the market. In turn the Organis- ations sought QMS Certification.

EIAMS first started off with giving training programmes both in English and Tamil.

Now, EIAMS is managed by B.RAVI, who is a qualified QMS/EMS/OHSAS trainer.